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API for Content applications

Create integrations between your application and external services thanks to API for content apps. Several methods are available for sending push notifications, managing paid content subscriber or viewing your statistics
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Automation et integration

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Send push notifications

Target all users or just a group

You can send push notifications to your user base directly from the API. You can reach all users, or target specific groups. Additional targeting by plateform is possible (PWA, IOS, Android)

User management

Subscribers, prospects and groups

User management methods are intended for applications using the Integrated Purchase (IAP) extension. These methods allow you to view information about your prospects and subscribers. You can also perform actions such as adding/deleting subscribers ( excluding App Store and Google Play Store subscriptions) or adding a note about a prospect or subscriber.

Note that there is also an API method to retrieve all user groups from the app, for apps that don't use IAP.

View statistics

Downloads, pageviews, devices, ...

The API offers a variety of methods for accessing your app's statistics, such as downloads, launches, pages views, session times, devices and their operating systems,... Use them to create customized reports and identify areas for improvements to make your app even more popular

And much more

The API is enriched regularly