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Make money in your app with Memberships
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|For Content apps|$49/month|Available from the Premium offer. Free with the Pro offer

What are Memberships?

Generate revenues with your app thanks to auto-renewable subscriptions.

Made popular by streaming platforms, commercialization in the form of a recurring subscription allows users of the app to access an offer as long as their membership is active. This system gives users permanent access to exclusive content. The subscription renews automatically, until the user decides to cancel it. This is a payment method without any commitment, the unsubscription is simple and can be done at any time.

Memberships represents nearly 50% of the revenue generated by native apps. Discover Memberships and their key features.

(GoodBarber does not charge any commission on the revenue generated by your sales)

  • Ensure consistent revenue
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Have a strong client base
  • Choose the duration and price of your memberships

For what types of apps?

Memberships for a wide range of apps
Memberships for News app

Memberships for Newspapers

Just like the apps of major newspapers, adapt your strategy thanks to features offered by GoodBarber.

The Preview option allows you to see a preview of your articles accessible only to Premium subscribers. Users will be able to read a part of your content but will have to subscribe to the offer to have access to the whole content.

If you have several sections in the app, leave some categories free and accessible, and close the most popular ones to subscription. This way you can keep the Weather category visible to everyone, and make the News section subject to subscription for example.

Memberships for News app
Memberships for Content Creators app

Memberships for Content Creators

Many creators are turning to an app to centralize their content and generate revenue through memberships.

Offer exclusive content to your community and strengthen the bond between you via your app. Your public content, uploaded on external platforms such as social networks, can be viewed for free while new content would be reserved for Premium members.

Tailor your strategy based on the category of your content. For example, you can add exclusive paid content, such as Podcasts available only on your app.

Memberships for Content Creators app
Memberships for Online Courses app

Memberships for Online courses

The field of education is becoming more and more digital and many online course apps are emerging. Thanks to memberships, it is now possible to monetize your digital courses.

You are free to choose the price and the duration of your memberships in order to propose attractive offers compared to your competitors. Set the trial period of your app to engage your users in a motivating and sustainable learning process.

Make some of your content available for a fee: keep your video courses for your members, while allowing other users to read your articles for example.

Memberships for Online Courses app
Memberships for Radio app

Memberships for Radio

Like the most famous radio apps, it is possible to adapt your strategy thanks to the features offered by GoodBarber.

Radio apps essentially offer a live broadcast as well as replays. By setting the duration and price of your offers, you have the possibility to close a part of your app so that it is only accessible if you subscribe to a Premium offer. This way, you maintain free access to your Live section, while reserving the Replay section for your subscribers to generate a profit.

Memberships for Radio app
Memberships for Travel app

Memberships for Tourism

Faced with tough competition, the tourism sector is becoming increasingly digitalized. Offering memberships in your app allows you to generate revenue.

GoodBarber allows you to make a part of your application paid for by creating Premium subscription offers. You can set the price and duration of these memberships. This way, some sections of your app will be accessible only to members: events, top addresses, or even unique visits, and propose exclusive offers to your members through your premium sections.

Memberships for Travel app
Memberships for Custom app

Memberships for your App

Memberships is a feature that can be adapted to many content apps. Some apps don't fit into any of the categories pre-set by GoodBarber but may still offer memberships. Choose the sections of your app you want to make paid. Then define the price and duration of your subscriptions to make them attractive. Finally, adapt your strategy thanks to the many features offered by our tool, such as the free trial period or the Preview option allowing non-subscribers to see a preview of exclusive content.

Memberships for Custom app

Guaranteed ease of payment through workflow and UX

A tool designed for both app creators and users, for a seamless purchasing experience

How does it work ?
Step 1 : Create your offer

Your content, your price, your rules

Set the memberships and their duration

Memberships in your app include several benefits for your users: access to exclusive content and/or remove ads from the app. In addition to the content of the offer, you have the possibility to create a different offer according to the subscription duration. You are also free to set the prices of your offers, according to a grid defined by the Store.

Offer weekly or monthly memberships at a low price and annual memberships, with a higher price, but more advantageous over time. The ideal is to propose several offers by varying the duration of the memberships, and by presenting several price ranges to suit a maximum of users. One of the best practices to follow is to propose decreasing rates according to the duration. Generally, the longer the duration of the subscription, the more interesting the price. This is a way to create attractive offers, adapted to all budgets.

Facilitate interactions thanks to UX

UX Design is an essential aspect, that's why GoodBarber provides many tools to propose intuitive apps and thought for the end user. Landing pages aim at encouraging the user to interact with the app. The subscriptions created in the back office appear on the home page as a widget, referring in one click to the offer's membership page. The design of each page or element concerned memberships is ultra-customizable (subscription pages, widgets, login page, etc.) So you are sure to always offer an app that matches your graphic guidelines. This attention to the visual aspect of your app and to the user experience will considerably facilitate interactions and the purchasing process.

Step 2: Restrict your content

Key features to make users want to become a member

Exclusive restricted content

To make your memberships relevant, you'll need to restrict some of your content to make it available for subscription. Just like the most popular apps in the stores, GoodBarber implements many features to optimize memberships.

GoodBarber back office has been designed to allow you to view and manage in a few clicks the free or paid status of each of your contents.

Preview option and Premium Sticker

With the Preview option, offer non-subscribing users a preview of your app's paid content. Choose the number of paragraphs you want to reveal to make users want to become a member of your app.

The Premium Sticker is also a very effective marketing tool. It allows you to indicate to the user which exclusive content is accessible by subscribing. The sticker is also customizable to be in accordance with your graphic guidelines.

Step 3: Publication on the stores

GoodBarber guides you in your submission process to the stores.

Step 4: Manage your members

GoodBarber helps you build your membership base