Project ID vs. Project Number

Every Google Project has a Project name, a Project ID and a Project number.

In order to compile your Android app with GoodBarber, the system only requests your Project number.
This Project number can be used to find the Project ID, in order to activate the push notification on the right Google Project in Firebase in the last step of the Android compilation process.



In your GoodBarber backend

You can find your Google Console Project Number in your backend under the menu Publish > Android App > Certificates

In our example, the number is: 499524448405



In your Google Cloud Console

1/ Log into your Google Cloud Console
Attention: Make sure you are connected to the same account where you initially created the Google Project.
Otherwise, you will get an error during the procedure.

2/ Copy your Project Number from your backend
In our example, it is 499524448405

3/ Build the following URL:<PROJECT_NUMBER>
(In our example, the URL is: )


4/ Paste the URL in your browser
The URL will change into another URL, which contains the Project ID:<PROJECT_ID>
(In our example, the URL becomes: )



In the Firebase Console

Access your Firebase Console

Now that you have the Project ID, you can find it in the Firebase Console. But you need to pay careful attention!
1/ Click on Add a new project
2/ Paste the Project ID into the search engine (in red on the screenshot below).

Attention: If you don’t find the existing project using the search engine, it means that the project has already been added to Firebase before. 

Don’t create a new project! Close the pop-up window and and look for your existing project on the home page instead.

In our example, the project is already added to Firebase (in green on the screenshot below).
In this case, select the existing project and continue the process normally. 


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