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Register for your Google Play Developer account

To build your Android app, it is mandatory to register for a Google Play Developer account. 
This is also mandatory even if you want to distribute your application in another way besides the Play Store. 

There is a US$25 one-time registration fee to pay to Google directly.

You will have to choose a developer account type. Google Play offers two developer account types, Personal and Organization, which you can learn more about here .

The main differences in between the Personal and Organization account types are:
- The required information to create a Play Console developer account to go through Google identity verification
App testing requirements for personal developer accounts
Developers with personal accounts created after November 13, 2023, must meet specific testing requirements before they can make their app available on Google Play.
Personal accounts must run a closed test before they can apply to publish their app to production. At least 20 testers must be opted-in to your closed test when you apply for production access. They must have been opted-in for the last 14 days continuously. 
Only when those tests will be done, personal accounts will be able to submit their Android to be published to the Play Store.

To register for a Google Play Developer account, follow Google's  instructions below:

If you need help during the process, you can contact Google directly via the button "Contact us" at the bottom of their online helps.


Publish your Android app to the Play Store

Solo mode:
Please follow instructions of this online help: Android - First submission of your Android app on Google Play Store (Solo)

GoodBarber Takes Care service:
Please follow instructions of this online help: GoodBarber Takes Care submission process

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