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Enable Facebook Open Graph and Twitter card

Enable Open Graph tags to share your content on Facebook

Basically, Open Graph is some tags created by Facebook to describe your content pages.
Those tags improve the display of your content on Facebook platform.

a/ Enable Open Graph tags on your back office:

Go to the bottom left menu Settings > External connections
Enable the blue button.


b/ Set up your Facebook App:

  • If you have already set the login with Facebook for your app you don't need to do anything.
  • If you haven't set the login with Facebook for your app, please follow the process described in our online helps as it is exactly the same for the Open Graph, you can retrieve the information needed in the menu Publish > Administration > External connections if you haven't enabled the users add-on:
Facebook Authentication - 1/2 | Register as a Facebook developer
Facebook Authentication - 2/2 | Set up the login with Facebook

Once you have created your Facebook app,  copy and paste your Facebook App ID in the appropriate field in the menu Publish > Administration > External connections of your back office and click OK.

You can now rebuild your app (click here  for the online help iOS, here for the online help Android). 



Enable Twitter card

Like the Facebook Open Graph, Twitter card allows you to improve the display of your content on their platform.
GoodBarber implemented the Summary Large Image, meaning that when sharing your content on Twitter, Twitter will be able to display the title of the content, its picture and its summary or the first 200 characters of the first paragraph.

a / Enable Twitter card on your back office
Go to the bottom left menu Settings > External connections
Enable the blue button.


Warning: Don't forget to update your modifications in the menu Publish > Changelog of your back office.

You can run a URL of your app through the Twitter validator tool  to test once you've updated your app. After testing in the validator, Tweet the URL and see the Card appear below your Tweet in the details view.