Accessible from the "Extensions Store" menu in your back office, the extensions store was created to further simplify the general interface used to create your app. 

Extensions are features that you can add in your back office "à la carte" style.

Each feature is presented in detail so that you can fully understand its purpose and know where to find it once it is activated in the back office.

There are free extensions as well as paid Add-Ons.
Some extensions are not available with the Standard plan but only with the full plan and above.


Extensions Catalogue

To access the extensions store:
1. Go to the menu Extensions store > All extensions
2. Click the extension* you want to add to your app to see a detailed description.
3. Add the extension to your app
*You can filter the available extensions using the dropdown menu or the search engine at the top of the page.

LAB extensions:
These are features that our teams are studying or working on.
If you are interested in them, click the extension to register to be notified of the release of one of these features. 

Extensions prices: 
Some extensions are free, some require payment.
Once the free extension trial is over, you'll need to pay for the extension to keep using it in your app.


Extensions management

Once the extensions are activated, you can manage them from the menu Extensions store> Management

Disable extensions:
-For extensions adding sections: Disabling it does not delete your existing sections, but it is no longer possible to add new sections related to the extension.

-For extensions related to statistics or advertising: The function is disabled, but the saved data will remain. If you reactivate the extension, you will not have to enter the information again. 

Delete extensions
-For extensions adding sections: Your existing sections will be saved, but it will no longer be possible to add new sections related to the extensions.

-For extensions related to statistics or advertising: The function is deactivated and the saved data will be deleted. If you reactivate the extensions, you will have to fill in new information. 

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