This tutorial will give you an overview of the global process of setting subscriptions for an iOS app that will be published in App Store Connect for the first time. 


Activate the Memberships extension

To offer subscriptions to your users and create a new monetization source for your app, activate the Memberships extension and follow the Settings Guide  to configure your subscriptions in the back office. 

Once this is done, you can publish your subscriptions in App Store Connect .


Submit your iOS app to GoodBarber's review

1. Go to Publish > iOS App > Publish .
2. Select the option to publish a new app in App Store Connect.
3. Fill the form carefully and validate it.  

This will automatically create a support ticket to request the review of your iOS app.
Make sure to keep an eye on this ticket: the team will use it in case they need to contact you.

4. On iOS App > Publish , follow the rest of the review process until you get to a new form containing information that will be used for the publication of your iOS app by our team. 
5. If necessary, create your Apple Developer account . You will need it to continue.
6. When the Apple Developer account is active, set your Agreement, Tax and Banking information on App Store Connect
7. In iOS App > Publish , verify the content of the form, fill the missing information and validate it. The next screen informs you that: "The GoodBarber team is creating the certificates requested by Apple for your application."


Compilation of the iOS app

Along with the new screen, a new support ticket  will also be created to inform you that the compilation of your iOS app is in progress.
The team may use this ticket to contact you as well, so keep an eye on it too.

From this moment on and until your app is published, the back office will indicate that the compilation of the iOS app is in progress.
You also won't have access to the Update menus until the process is complete. 

The team will create the certificates for your app, create the subscriptions in App Store Connect, and send the app for review.

If you've selected " in your brief, the team will contact you in the dedicated support ticket with further instructions on how to test your app with TestFlight .

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