Add users to test your subscriptions with TestFlight

Go to App Store Connect > My apps > Select your app > Select the TestFlight tab in the upper menu

Internal Testing
1. Click the + sign next to Internal Testing
2. Create a group
3. Click the + sign next to Testers and select the email addresses of users you want to invite for a test of your app.
Note: You can only choose from users who have access to your App Store Connect account.

Internal Testers will receive an invitation from Apple immediately after being added. 

External Testing
1. You should first create a group in Internal Testing (see above).
The External Testing option will appear afterwards.
2. Click the + sign next to External Testing
3. Create a group
4. Click the + sign next to Testers and add the email addresses of users you want to invite for a test of your app.
5. Click the + sign next to Builds and select the build your external testers will test
6. On the next screen, fill in all the Test Information (email, contact information, sign-in information if necessary). 
7. Indicate what your users should test (for example: "Test the subscription feature")
8. Submit the build for review. 

External Testers will receive an invitation after Apple has reviewed the build. 


Test your subscriptions on an iOS device

After installing the app from TestFlight, users can test your subscriptions for free on their device using their own Apple ID


Add users to test your subscriptions on Android

1. Go to Google Play > All apps > Setup > Licence Testing
2. Add the Gmail address(es) of the user(s) who will test your app
3. Save the changes.

1. Go to Google Play  > Your app > Internal testing > Testers.
2. Select your app by clicking the blue arrow at the end of the line. 
3. Add the Gmail address(es) of the user(s) who will test your app
4. Save the changes.

5. Back to the menu Internal Testing > Testers, copy the link under "How testers join your test" and send it to your users (the most convenient way is probably to email it to them using the Gmail address provided for the test). 

Note: If GoodBarber takes care of the submission process for you, the team will also register the Gmail address(es) you provided in the form, and send you the link at the end of the process. 


Test your subscriptions with a test account on an Android device

To test your subscriptions and their renewals, you can use the payment methods that are available for license testers.

Renewal periods: Test subscriptions renew more quickly than actual subscriptions, and test subscriptions can renew a maximum of 6 times. By default, to run your test, a one-month/week renewal lasts 5 minutes. More information here .

1. On your Android phone, open the Play Store app.
Make sure the main account of the Android device is the Gmail address registered in the Testers in Google Play. 
2. Go to Settings > About and click 5 times in a row on the title "Play Store version" until you see a popup saying "You are now a developer". (Depending on the device, this step may be optional, so if you don't see any change, continue to the next step). 
3. In Settings > General, activate "Internal App Sharing
4. Open the invitation link that has been provided by the developer of the app (the link is accessible from Internal testing > Testers).
5. Accept the invitation
6. Download the app from Google Play (a download link will be provided).
7. Test your subscriptions in the app. 

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for Google to activate the test of your subscriptions in your Android app.

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