Before the iOS version of your app is submitted to Apple, our Review team will make sure your application complies with Apple's rules and more precisely the App Store Review guidelines .

Here is a checklist of everything you should verify before applying for a review.
This will save time when reviewing your application and therefore reduce the time of submission of your application to Apple
For more information about the IOS review process please read this Online Help .


App content and design

Warning: Any incomplete application will be automatically rejected by Apple.

When you apply for a review, the app must be finalized as if it was ready to be submitted to Apple:
No empty section or category.

No demo content.
No placeholder text.
No mentions of "Test" anywhere in the app.
No mention Google/Android or other competitors of Apple, including pictures of devices belonging to other brands.

Pay a special attention to the following elements: 
- Event sections: Make sure you have events that go far into the future.
If your events are over when the app is reviewed, the section will be empty and the review will be rejected.

- Number of sections and interactivity: We recommend at least 5 sections of native content and 2 interactive content sections.

- Internal and external linksAll your links must be functional, dead links are rejection motive. Make sure none of your links give an error. Links allowing users to make donations should open in the phone's browser (not inside the app).
To open a link out of the app use a Click-To section and add the following property to the URL: "? GbOpenExternal = 1".
The URL must respect the following format: "" 
For more information about links, refer to this Online Help .

- Back arrow: The back arrow must be clearly visible. It should not be of the same color as the background.
Check the color and/or shape of your arrow from Design & Structure > Design > General Design :: Logo & Title , activate the Advanced tab (top right button in this menu)


Configuration of the add-ons

Depending in the add-ons you have added to your app, you may have to run extra verifications: 

- Authentication Add-on:
1/ Create a test user to allow the review team to test your application. Do NOT call this test user "Test". Give it a real name, as if it was a real user. 
2/ Apple considers the users shouldn't generally have to share personal information to access the content of an app. 
If you fully close the app or sections of the app, with no possibility to sign up, you should be able to prove to Apple that the whole app (or even some sections) is part of a service purchased out of the app. 
3/ If you want to give your users the possibility to sign up in the app, you shouldn't make it mandatory.
4/ We also recommend not closing the app completely, but only closing specific private sections.
Note: Once your app is published on the App Store, you will be able to change these options.
For more information about the Authentication add-on, read this Online Help .
- Geofence add-on 
You must have at least one active tag.
To check, follow the path from the left menu Notification > Geoalert > Geofences .
For more information about the Geofence add-on, read this Online Help .

- Beacon add-on
You must have at least one active UUID.
To check, follow the path from the left menu Notification > Geoalert > iBeacons .
For more information about the Beacon add-on, read this Online Help .


Back office > General settings menu

In your back office, go to the menu Settings > App Settings > App information  

- Contact email
Don't use a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail contact email address.

Automatic emails sent from these addresses are often blocked. Some automatic emails may not be correctly received by all your users. 

- Geolocation in background (only if the Geofence add-on is activated)
The activation of the background geolocation is not mandatory. The Geofences will still work if the button is turned off.
If you decide to activate it: 
1. Specify in the brief the reason why geolocation in background is necessary.
Warning: Apple forbids its use for marketing purposes. You should have a valid reason to use this functionality. (For example, if your app is made to warn the user about disasters, accidents, areas to avoid etc...)
2. Add the following sentence at the end of your app's App Store description
"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

- Geolocation:
This text is displayed when the user first opens the app, to ask consent about the general use of their geolocation.
Geolocation is used to show the locations and distances in Map sections, to target the push notifications by geographic position and for statistics.
Customize the text so it applies specifically to your app, and explain how it can be useful to the end-users. Also, specify that it is not mandatory to accept to use the app normally. 
(​Note: Geolocation alone is different from the Geolocation in background. Geolocation is applied by default to all GoodBarber apps and cannot be deactivated. )

- Audio Playback
Audio Playback (background audio mode) should be enabled if you have any Sound or Live audio section.
Warning: If you decide to disable all Sound and Live sections, you must first disable the Audio Playback option. 


The Brief page

The brief is the form you fill with all the information about your app. It is also the first thing the GB Review team will see.
In order to make the best first impression, you should pay a particular attention to: 

- The support URL
It must be a valid URL allowing anyone to contact you.
For example, you can use the contact page of your website or any other contact page.
- The description for the App Store
It must give a full and accurate description of your app, its features, how the users will use it... 
Note: If your app uses Geofences and has the Geolocation in background enabled, don't forget to add the sentence "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery the end of your description. 

- The Review team notes
Write your answers in English. No other language will be accepted. 
1/ Explain the concept of your application and what it can bring to your end user by being on the App Store. Don't hesitate to give details and real-life examples on how the app will be used and why.  
Note: Applications published on the Apple Store are intended for a wide range of users. Make sure to explain why the app will be useful for many people. 
2/ The final owner of the app must be the owner of the Apple Developer Account to be in compliance with Apple's 4.2.6. guideline and the Apple Developer agreement. 
- The ratings.
Make sure the rating is consistent with the content of your app
- The add-ons.
Authentication: provide the login credentials of your test user; explain how the registration/ login is used in the app and why.
Geofence: explain how this feature is used in the app and why.

After the brief has been submitted, a ticket will be generated in the Support .
A dialogue box will also be opened in the Publish > iOS App > Publish  menu.
The Review Team will contact you within 3 business days to tell you if further changes need to be made in your app. 

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