Test your app and validate it for submission

The process below is the Solo process, meaning you're the one in charge of building, then submitting your app to Google Play store.
If you'd rather our team to take care of it, you can subscribe to our GoodBarber Takes Care Service .

Solo Mode:

You have generated the native Android application and tested the AdHoc version on your Android device.

Go to the menu Sales Channel > Android App > Update

- To edit your app, click on Modify my application.
When your changes are done, go back to this page  to recompile your app. Wait until it's Ready again. 

- To continue and submit of your app to Google Play, click on Submit my app.
Note: At this point if you haven't subscribed to GoodBarber yet, you will be asked to select a subscription plan before being able to move forward. 
WARNING: You won't be able to update the settings  in the Update section (Sales Channel > Android App > Update ) until your back office marks the app as published in the store. 
In the meantime, you can still work in the back office normally, and will be able to update the Settings when both versions of the app are unlocked



Download the AAB file

After clicking on Submit my app, you will land on the page "Submission to Google Play". 

1. Click "Retrieve my .aab file" to download the binary file of your Android app.
2. Save the file where you can easily find it later. 



Select your app in your Google Play console

1. Login to your Google Play console
2. Select your app


Set up your Store presence

Your app's store listing is displayed on Google Play and includes details that help users learn more about your app. 
Note: Only the mandatory information will be mentioned in this online help, the rest is optional.

A. Go to Menu Store Presence > Main Store listing


1. Fill in the App details (App name, Short description and Full description)
More details on Google's documentation .

2. Upload your Graphics:
App icon: your app icon shown on Google Play. This doesn’t replace your app’s launcher icon.
512 px by 512 px
Feature graphic: Shown at the top of your store listing. May also be used to promote your app in other places on Google Play.
1,024 px by 500 px
Phone screenshots: Upload between 2 and 8 phone screenshots
Between 320 px and 3,840 px
7-inch tablet screenshots: Upload up to 8 7-inch tablet screenshots
Between 320 px and 3,840 px
-10-inch tablet screenshots: Upload up to 8 10-inch tablet screenshots
Between 320 px and 3,840 px
More details on Google's documentation .

3. Click "Save"

B. Go to Menu Store Presence > Store settings


Manage how your app is organized on Google Play, and how users can contact you.

1. App Category:
App or Game: Select "App"
Category: select the category of your app, its main topic (News, Lifestyle, Entertainment,...).

2. Store listing contact details
This information is shown to users on Google Play (Email address is mandatory, phone number and website are optional).

3. Click "Save"


Set up your App content

Provide and manage the information Google needs to ensure that your app is safe for its intended users, is compliant with Google Play Developer Program Policies , and satisfies legal requirements.

1. Open Play Console and go to the App content  page (Policy and programmes > App content)
2. Follow carefully instructions of this online help



Upload your .aab file to Google Play console

1. Go the menu Release > Production 


2. Click "Edit release"
3. Click "Upload" to upload your .aab file downloaded previously   from your GoodBarber back office.
4. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page


Manage the countries and regions where your app will be available

This is the country or region where the user's Google account is registered, not their location.
1. Go to the menu Release > production
2. Select the tab "Country / regions"
3. Click "Add countries / regions"
4. Select all of them or just the countries / regions where you want your app to be available.
5. Click "Add countries / regions" and confirm in the pop up by clicking "Add"



Publish your app on Google Play

Publish your app to real users on Google Play by releasing it to your production track.

1. Go to the menu Release > Production
2. Select the tab "Releases"
3. Click "Edit"


4. Click "Review release" at the bottom of the page
5. Click "Start rollout to Production"
6. Confirm in the popup by clicking "Rollout"


Your app will be reviewed by Google, due to adjusted work schedules at this time, you may experience longer than usual review times for your app.
It can take to Google up to more than 7 days to review new apps.

Check your emails as Google might contact you regarding the publication of your Android app on their store.

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