GoodBarber offers you the possibility to publish your shop with 3 different channels: iOS, Android and on the Web via your Progressive Web App (PWA). 
You can choose your distribution channel according to our different offers:
Standard, Full and Premium


Progressive Web App

This is the Web version of your app.
However, PWA offers much more advantages than a regular responsive website (Push Notifications , Icon on the smartphone home screen).

The sales channel is available in all 3 offers:
Standard, Full and Premium.

You can find more info Progressive Web Apps here



Android accounts for 80% of the global smartphone market. With GoodBarber, you have the option to publish your shop via this channel. Android is available in both the Full offer and the Premium offer.

You can find more info on Android Apps here



iOS is a pioneer in the mobile market. With GoodBarber, you can publish your store on the appStore and sell your products to iOS users all around the world. This sales channel is only available in the Premium offer.

You can find more info on iOS apps here



To access the pricing of the Standard, Full and Premium offers: Click here

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