With GoodBarber you can publish your shop on 3 different channels : iOS, Android and on the Web via your Progressive Web App (PWA).


Android & Google Play Store

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world,  with more than 80% of smartphones equipped with it. Being present on this channel will give you access to this population, which are all potential customers for your shop. 

Beyond the volumetric advantage of a presence on Android this will allow you to be indexed on Google Play Store. With more than 1 billion users per month, Google Play is the platform of choice for distributing and promoting Android applications. Indeed, most mobile users still have the reflex to go to the different Stores when they are looking for applications. A presence on Google Play is therefore essential if you want to be visible and accessible to the vast majority of smartphone users


Test and publish your Android app

Test your Android app:
Before starting the publication process, you must make sure your Android app works properly.
Refer to this online help for this category: Test the Android app AdHoc version

Publish your Android app:
After testing your Android App you can start the submission process. GoodBarber is here to help! You can find all the information you need in this category: Publication of the Android App



You can start your Android eCommerce starting from $62/month : you can find our pricing here
Reminder: The Android channel is available with the Premium and Pro Plans.

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