GoodBarber offers 3 different channels to publish your shop: iOS, Android and on the Web via your Progressive Web App (PWA)


Apple & App Store

With the App Store, Apple has created a real cultural phenomenon that has changed the way we use smartphones and has made the iPhone one of the best-selling smartphones in the world. Depending on the countries you target with your store, the iOS channel will be essential. Indeed in some countries such as the United States or France, Apple dominates the smartphone market. Being present on this channel will be another opportunity to make your store known and accessible to a large number of mobile users in these countries.

With more than 2 million applications recorded, the App Store remains one of the most popular and most widely used Stores.


Publish your iOS app

Publish your iOS app:
Our team of experts can carry out a review before submitting your app to the Store (GoodBarber Takes Care service) or you can manage the full process yourself (Solo process).

You can find all the details regarding the publication process below:
- iOS app publication - GBTC service
- iOS app publication - Solo mode



iOS eCommerce app start from $62/month billed yearly. Here's our pricing
Reminder: the iOS channel is available from the Premium Plan. 

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