GoodBarber offers 3 different channels to publish your shop: on iOS, on Android and on the Web via your Progressive Web App (PWA).


What is a PWA

A Progressive Web App is an app developed using web technology. It can be simply accessed on the web with any browsers. PWA are multi- platform and automatically adapt to all screen sizes (mobile, tablet or desktop). 

PWAs are not published on the Stores. For this, you need to use the other distribution channels: iOS or Android .

PWAs are more performant than a simple responsive website. Users stay on average 8 times longer on PWA than on a regular website.

Characteristics specific to PWA
- Send Push Notifications
- Your users can install your shop's icon on their home screen
- Indexed in search engine 
- Installation of a domain name of a better indexation


Publish your PWA

Even though your PWA is a web version of your app, you still need to activate it and publish it. 
Depending on your preferences, you can choose to activate it or not. 
Refer to this information regarding PWA publication.



You can start your eCommerce PWA from $35/month : you can find the pricing here

Reminder:  PWA are available in all pricing (Standard, Full, Premium).

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