How to add a collection in the menu

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office

Today we will learn how to display a collection in the app menu.

If you want to know more on how to create a collection, I’ve added a link to the video in the info bar

A collection can be displayed on the app menu or linked only to a widget of your Home . The link of the video on widgets is in the info bar.

To select the display option of your collection, go to the menu Products , Collection.

I’m choosing the existing Sales collection but you can also apply this option when creating a collection.

To display my collection in the app menu, I go to the right side menu and activate the option here

Then I choose in which part of the menu I want the collection to be displayed

Or directly in the main app menu, or within a list of collection i’ve already created, or both

No worries, the link of the video on the list of collections is in the info bar.

I want this collection to be as accessible as possible, so I’m adding it to the main app menu. 

To save, click on Edit this collection

The result on the client side will depend on the navigation template you’ve chosen (as usual, the video is in the info bar)

Let me show you the client side on 2 different navigations.

Here’s with the TabBar template - I’ve chosen the icon Discounts for this collection

Here’s with the Swipe template - you can see my collection on the main menu and others that have been integrated to a list of collections

You know know how to display your collection in your menu

See you very soon for another tutorial

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