How to create a list of collections

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office

Today we will learn how to organize your collections with the section List of Collections

Let’s start by adding a List of collections from the Menu Content & Design, Content, Section

Click on Add a section

And select List of collections

Give a name to your list, for me it will be “Shop”

Now, let’s choose the image to illustrate the list, from your computer or our Unsplash library.


Select the status: published or not published

Last step, metadata: title, description and URL

Don’t forget to save!

We can now start filling your section List of collections

Go back to the section menu
You can see here all the collections in my shop as well as my section list of collection that I named Shop

You simply need to drag and drop the collections in the list, like this

And that’s it!

You can modify the design of your list of collection from here or from the Menu Content & Design, Section design

Let’s see how the list looks like in the shop

Voila, you now know how to organize your collections by list!

Time to organize your shop!

See you very soon for another tutorial!

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