How to create a collection

Hello and Welcome to your GoodBarber back office

Today we are going to learn how to create a collection

Collections are the shelves, the displays of your shop. They allow you to organize your products.

Let’s go!

So, in the menu Products > Collection, click on “Create a collection”

Start by adding the title of the collection

I’m creating a collection for a limited edition of my sneakers

Add an image from your computer or choose one from our Unsplah library

I’ve already done mine

Now we’re selecting to add the collection on the app menu
I’m adding a video dedicated to this in the info bar

Fill in the metadata for SEO and voila, all done!

Give me a few moments to add a few products to my collection, 

And I’m back!

All we need to do is to decide in which order we will display our products in the collection

Most recent
Prices from low to high
Prices from high to low
Alphabetical order
Or manually

Let me show you how to do it manually
Very easy, simply drag your product to the desired position

All done!

Here’s my collection from the client side

Voila. You know how to create a collection for your shop, time to get creative. 
See you very soon for another tutorial

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