How to add/remove products from a collection

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office

Today we will learn how to add or remove products from a collection 

To start, let’s go to the menu Products, Collections

I’m going to show you how to add products in the Sales collections

First method: create a product directly in the collection. I already have a lot of products so we’re not going to do that here, but feel free to watch the video dedicated to how to create a product.

Second method: add an existing product to a collection from the product page. 

Go to the Menu products, all products and select a product. Let’s pick City of Stars 

On the right side menu, you can see that product is already assigned to the Funky collection. I’m adding it to the Sales collection.

Remember: a product is always assigned to at least one collection and can be part of as many collections as you want.

I publish the modification to save it.

See, the City of Stars model has been added to the Sales Collection. 

You want to add multiple products to a collection in one click?

No problem. Go to the menu Products, All products. Check all the boxes corresponding to the products of your choice. Then click on the dropdown menu Move to and select your collection. Click ok. 

And it’s done!

Our Sales collection is now complete.

Last thing, how to remove a product from a collection

Very easy: go to the Menu products, Collections.
Open the collection of your choice

In the list of products, simply click on the X to delete the corresponding product 
Voila, you now know how to add and remove products to your collections
See you very soon for another tutorial

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