How to customize the main icons of your shop

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office

Today we’re going to learn how to customize the icons of your app

This is a mandatory step to generate your app

The icon is a key visual element of your app. It will be used as favicon by the web browsers, displayed in the push notifications to identify the sender, on the home screen of your users' device.

To set up the icons, lets go to the menu Content & Design > Design > General Design

Open the icon menu

You can use the assistant oru create a completely custom icon

We’ll start by the assistant

Here you can add text or a logo

For exemple I want to display the initials of my shop Urban Shango. All I need to to enter them in the text box

If I prefer a logo, I simply need to click on the tab like this and upload an image in the required dimensions

Let’s stick to the text

On the right side menu, I can set the font, text color and effects

Then I create the background of my icon: a color or an image from the unSpash library of the back office or from my computer.

That's what I'm going to do .

And voila my icon is ready!

All I need now is to edit the title of my app, that will be displayed on the home screen of your clients devices


Click on generate and confirm the modifications

The icona are automatically generated in the required format for all possible uses. 

That was easy no?

Now let’s try the custom option
Now, that couldn't be any easier. Simply upload tour already created icon (in the required sizes)

And it’s done!

You now know how to customize your app icon 

See you very soon for another tutorial!

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