How to unhook the design of a section

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office

In our last tutorial, I showed you how to design your sections. Today, I will show you how to unhook the design of one section. Meaning designing a specific section and not a type of section.

Let me show you

Let’s go to the menu Design and Content > Design > Sections design
We’re keeping the example of the product list 

Remember? We used this type of section in the video on sections design.

So, today I don’t want to design all the product list sections but the product list called Sales. 

All I need is to select it from this menu.
You see? A message confirms that the design was indeed unhooked. You can now modify it independently from the other product list sections. 

All done!

You can find this specific design n the menu Sections design. To get back to the default design of this type of section, simply delete the style.

Voila, you now know how to unhook the design of a section!

See you soon for another tutorial

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