How to display similar products

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office

Today I will show you how to activate the Similar products feature in your product page

Let’s go to the Products menu > All products. We’re going to choose an existing product, but you could also activate this feature when creating your product 

Let’s choose the Basic mint. 

And go directly to the right side menu.

You can add up to 4 similar products per product page.

We are automatically selecting similar products according on the tags and categories that
 apply to your products. 

See here, I only have products from the Basic collection. But I prefer to display similar products according to their color. 

I’ve created a tag just for that here.As always,  I’m adding the video in the info bar

Let’s go back to our tags. To customize the similar products, all you need to do is delete the automated suggestions and add the products your want, looking them up by name or tags, 

I only want light sneakers, so I’m searching with the tag Light that I just created and here you go, I simply need to select. 


Let’s see what it looks like on the shop

You now know how to display similar products on your product pages !

See you very soon for another tutorial !

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