Local delivery

Set up your delivery zones by zip code and offer fast delivery to your local community

From your shop to their doorsteps

Offer near-instant gratification for your nearest clients with fast local delivery

Finished the long wait and missed deliveries. With local delivery your clients order from your app and within a few hours your products are on their doorsteps.

Differentiate yourself from other retailers and boost your sales

Increase clients satisfaction, build loyalty and drive sales

Only 21% of retailers offer the option of fast delivery while with shopping apps, customers expectations of convenience increase. They are less willing to drive to pick up their order or wait even a couple of days for their delivery. By offering fast local delivery, you’re staying a step ahead of your competition and increase your sales.

Activate the "local delivery" add-on

Delivery by zip code

From your back-office, define the local delivery zones near your shop. We automatically verify that your client's zip code matches your delivery zone.