Beacons VS Geofencing (Infographic)


Geofencing and Beacons are completely revolutionizing retail and the user experience. A few weeks ago we introduced features so that you can implement them in your Beautiful App. But, in the end, how should you choose between the two?

If their purpose is more or less the same, in terms of usage and the way they operate, they are quite different.

Here's a quick guide which will allow you to pick the one best suited for your line of business.
As you've probably gathered by now, Beacons and Geofencing share the same goal but they are used in different contexts. 

Geofencing on the one hand, functions with GPS data and is best suited for large areas, such as entire venues, neighborhoods, cities or even countries. It can prove very useful for the event industry , for concerts or night clubs for instance.

Beacons on the other hand, are more adequate for smaller areas such as the inside of a building. For example, they are a very powerful tools for stores which can set them up in various aisles to advertise discounts. They are also used to communicate information to users, in museums for instance .

As you can see, possibilities are almost endless. It is up to you to choose the method which best corresponds to your business and the way you intend to engage with your users!
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Translated by Isabella Leland