Scrum Report #0: New Features


Some time ago, we started working with a new methodology called the Scrum method  to organize the work of the developer team at GoodBarber.
This methodology enables our developers to release very nice features every 15 days.

In this article I want to show you the list of all the new features released after the launch of GoodBarber 3.

Sharing on social networks

Now, you can share the link to download the iOS / Android app or the url of the HTML5 version on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr. You can find this feature under the menu Audience > Promote > Share.


Now it's possible to generate a QRcode to download your app. It can be generated exclusively for Android, iOS or HTML5, or with a universal link that will redirect the user to the right store or to the HTML5 version according to the device used to scan it. You can use this QRcode by copying and pasting the code provided in the backend into your website, or by downloading the image. You can find this feature under the menu Audience > Promote > QR code.

"Click to" section

This type of section enables you to put a call to action directly in the menu. This call to action can be attributed to an email address, to a telephone number or to an internal/external link.

CDN + New Server

The CDN and the new server of GoodBarber will improve the speed of the back office and of apps.

New templates for the article and video sections

We have updated the templates of the article and video section. Now, when you will re-build your app, the new design will be applied to your app. To be sure that everything looks the way you want it to, and to be sure you don't want to switch to another wonderful template, I suggest you to go and have a look in the Advanced menu of the Design page of your backend. 
If your app is already on the stores, the modification will be applied only when you submit an update.

Other features we already talked about