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Inform, entertain, influence, promote... There are a thousand and one reasons to write articles, and in many industries, content creation has become essential. Whether writing is your core business or it is a secondary issue to improve your business, the GoodBarber CMS allows you to create an unlimited number of articles with all the necessary tools for a professional result. You create, organize and design your articles in a few clicks, and without needing any technical knowledge. Thanks to the extension In-App purchases, you can also monetize your content by making your articles accessible after subscribing..

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The integrated CMS GoodBarber allows you to create and structure your articles as you wish. You can write your text and format it from an advanced editor, and enhance it with different elements such as photos, videos or even embed code. Once your articles are written, you can manage your publications at your own pace: you choose for each article its publication status directly from the editing page. Immediate publication, draft or delayed publication, you can organize your content production as you wish.

Professional options

You can give access to your back office to the members of your team and define the rights and access of each one to collaborate on the creation of your content. When writing your articles, several options will be offered to you in your back office panel. Choose the sections in which your article will appear, the author of the article, its publication date, its thumbnail and its summary. You can also activate or not the comments and attach a PDF file if needed.

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