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Stand out with videos

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Create your videos directly in your back office

Videos allow you to combine different types of content, such as audio, image and text, to create an immersive experience. You can use them to present information in a visually engaging way, making it easier to understand and remember than text alone.

They can be great tools to promote products through presentations and demos as well as customer testimonials. They are also the best medium to distribute online courses or tutorials in an interactive and animated way.

Whether it's for communication, marketing, or even education, videos are an essential type of content.

A professional CMS to distribute your videos

Add your videos in a few clicks

The tool your videos deserve

GoodBarber's integrated CMS allows you to easily add your videos to your back office. Choose to upload your files directly or fill in an embed code. Once your video is added, you can enrich it with additional content (photos, texts, etc.) and add a custom thumbnail that will be displayed in the list of your videos.

An organized publication

You can manage the publication of your videos in the smallest details: in which section(s) they will be published, under which author's name, add a description and even optimize its referencing thanks to SEO tags. You also decide when your video will be published, immediately or later. Finally, you can work in collaboration with your team members by giving them access to your back office and by defining the rights and access of each one.

Forget about technical limitations

Focus on your video content

Monetize your videos

Offer subscriptions to view your videos

A simplified organization

Manage all your videos from a single menu

The best design for your videos

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