The $240 per month (or $2400 per year if you subscribe yearly) covers as many apps as you want, all of which are under the most advanced plan.
Any extra costs you may incur are optional.

Here is a list of possible extra costs:


Developer accounts

If you’re publishing apps on behalf of your clients on the stores, you must have access to their developer accounts.

App Store:
Apple is very strict regarding the enforcement of the 4.2.6 guideline  
The Apple Developer account used to submit the app to the App Store must belong to the owner/creator of the app content.  
1. To publish an app on the App store, an Apple Developer account  costs $99/year
2. To publish internally an app , the Apple Developer Enterprise Program costs $299/year

Google Play Store:
To publish an app on Google Play store, a Google Play account costs $25 (one-time fee). 


iOS Review fee

Extra review fee is applied for every initial publication of an app on the App Store.

The iOS versions of your applications are built and published by us, under your client's developer account.
In order to make sure all your projects comply with the App Store guidelines, our team will carry out a thorough assessment of all iOS projects before getting started with the submission process.

This step is mandatory before any submissionto the App Store . It requires manual human intervention and is therefore billed at $9.90 for 4 submissions (initial submission + 3 updates) for each app that will be submitted to the App store.


Domain name

By default, when you create a project, the default URLs follow this pattern: 
Back office: 
Published PWA: 

To modify the URLs so they look like: 
Back office: or 
PWA published: or 

And ensure that the experience of your clients is 100% white label, you have two options: 
Option 1 - Change the default URL of all the projects in your reseller account 
Option 2  - Change the URL of a specific project in your reseller account

GoodBarber doesn't sell domain names. 
You buy a domain name from a registrar (organization that manages the reservation of Internet domain names. A domain name registrar must be accredited by a generic top-level domain registry or a country code top-level domain registry). 

The average cost for a brand new domain will typically be around $10-15 / year, depending on the registrar you choose, the extension and the length of your registration contract. 


Certain extensions such as the Loyalty Card , Club Card , and the Coupon  feature cost extra. 
Each extension can be purchased per app.
For resellers, there is also a possibility to pay for an unlimited use of the purchased extensions for all the apps of the agency.


Extra geofences

Each app comes with 3 free geofences. The cost of extra geofences is $6/month for an extra 25. 


Extra beacons

Each app comes with 3 free beacon settings (you still have to purchase the actual beacon device from an external provider). If you need more, you can purchase additional for $12/month per extra 25. 


GoodBarber Takes Care

GoodBarber Takes Care is a credit-based service.  

GoodBarber Takes Care is optional (you can publish the app yourself if you want) for the following publication processes: 
- Android submission process 
- iOS - Update of an already published app on Apple's App Store 
- iOS - Internal distribution (outside of App Store Connect) 

For any of these processes, you can buy 10 submission credits for $50/ 50€.  


App cloning tool

It is possible to duplicate the content of an app into other backends of your reseller agency. 
It costs 300€/ $300 to activate the service and 30€/ $30 per month to maintain it. 

This tool can be activated in your reseller dashboard upon request to our support team .

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