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GoodBarber Takes Care submission process

Description of the service

"GoodBarber Takes Care" is a premium service related to the publication process of your native app.

With GoodBarber Takes Care, the GoodBarber submission team takes care of:
- the compilation of your native app, so you can test the ad-hoc version
- the submission and updates of your app in the app stores 
- for iOS, the yearly update of the certificates (upon request)
- for internal distribution, the delivery of the production binary file (.apk or .ipa file) . 

Warning: Whether you publish the app yourself or with GoodBarber Takes Care, you will need your own developer account: 

- Google Play for the Android submission process ($25 / 25€ - one-time fee) 
- Apple Developer account for the iOS submission process on Apple's App Store ($99 / 99€ yearly) 
- Apple Developer Enterprise account for the iOS submission process with an internal distribution ($299 / 299€ yearly)



Pricing and credits

GoodBarber Takes Care is a credit-based service. 

GoodBarber Takes Care is optional (you can publish the app yourself if you want) for the following publication processes:
- Android submission process
- iOS - Update of an already published app on Apple's App Store
- iOS - Internal distribution (outside of App Store Connect)

For any of these processes, you can buy 10 submission credits for $50/ 50€. 
Every successful publication on a store costs one submission credit. 
In case of an internal distribution, every new version of the production binary file costs one submission credit. 

- Credits are purchased for a specific GoodBarber project (=a specific app). They are not transferrable.
Resellers must purchase submission credits on a per-app basis. 
- Credits can be used both for iOS and Android submission in a given project.
The GBTC option must be chosen separately for each platform. 
- Credits don't expire. As long as the GoodBarber project isn't deleted, existing credits remain on the account. 

GoodBarber Takes Care is included in the first submission of an iOS app on Apple's App Store, as part of the iOS Review Process. 
The $29/ 29€ review fee includes the in-depth review of your app and 4 submission credits*.
These 4 credits can be added to any existing credits purchased before applying for the review. 

*Reseller fee costs $9,90/ 9,90€ for every new app submitted to the App store.


Steps of the GBTC submission process

The following steps describe the start to finish submission process when choosing GoodBarber Takes Care.

1. Choose the GoodBarber Takes Care option
2. Answer the questions step by step until you arrive to a form.
3. Fill-in the form with the credentials to your developer account and the information related to your app.
Warning: The credentials must be valid and grant Admin rights on the developer account, so the team can build the app for you. 
4. Verify the info and submit the form.
Submitting the form generates a request ticket that you can see in your Support inbox .



5. The submission team compiles the app for you. 
When your app is ready to be tested, the team informs you in the support ticket.
6. You can test the app. You have the option to edit it or move on with the submission.
In case you decide to edit it, you must come back to the submission page and rebuild it yourself before you can validate.
Warning: You must have subscribed to a GoodBarber plan (Android native or iOS Premium) at this point to be able to move forward.


7. Validate when you want to finalize the submission of the app (or to get the production file if it is an internal distribution).
Validating after the test generates a request ticket that you can see in your Support inbox .
8. The team submits the app for you, using the production binary file and the information you provided in the form.

When your app has been submitted on the store, the team informs you in the support ticket.
If the distribution is internal, the team sends you the binary file in the Support ticket.


9. The store informs you directly when the app is published, or if they have questions.
Keep your eyes on the mailbox associated with your developer account. 
10. When the app is published on the store, the backend should mark it as published shortly after (after a few downloads and launches from the store). 
A submission credit is charged after the backend has indicated the app is published on the store. 

Note: If the app is rejected, the store will inform you directly.

In case of a rejection, Contact our support team and provide the following elements:

- A copy of Apple's message in the support ticket
- The screenshot(s), crashlog(s) or any element Apple attached to their message
Our goal is to get your app on the store, and we will do all we can to make it happen.