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iOS - Review and submission process of a new iOS app

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Verifications made by the GB Review Team

- Make sure the Apple Developer account belongs to the owner/creator of the app content, especially if the app is created by a reseller (if an app is created for a client, the client must own the Apple Developer account ).  

- The use of the app provides real added value for App Store users, as required in the “4.2.2 - Design - Minimum functionality  ” App Store Review guideline.  

- Providing recommendations to improve the app and prevent a rejection.


Request an iOS review

Go to Publish > iOS App > Publish
1. Click on “Get Started with the iOS review process
2. Choose “I want to publish my app in the App Store
3. Choose "New app” 
Note: If you choose Update, it means you want to replace an app that is already published in the App Store. In this case, this is the process to follow .


4. You will see a checklist with the steps to complete before accessing the brief. 
5. When the steps are completed, fill-in the Brief and click on Submit.
This will generate a ticket to the Support.
You can follow the conversation from the icon the bottom right of the screen, or directly in the Support ticket .


General recommendations about the brief

- Be as descriptive as possible in the descriptions (the features of the app, what the app is for, why the app will be useful to the future users…) both for the App Store and for the GB Review Team.

Don’t describe your app as a product targeted to a limited audience. The App Store is meant to distribute your app to a large number of users and your description should make it appealing to a large user base. (Note: If you want to distribute your app to a restricted audience, you should opt for the Internal distribution. See the process here. )  

Make sure to answer ALL the questions of each field and write in English when it’s required.

Explain the use of the add-ons when asked, with real-life examples. When the Authentication add-on is activated, make sure to create a fake user account (give it a real name and access to all the groups).

Make sure the rating matches the actual content of the app. 

- The Support URL and Privacy Policy URL are not the same thing! Make sure you have a specific URL for each of them.


Evaluation of your app

After you sent the brief, the Review Team typically answers within 3 business days.

If your app doesn’t yet meet Apple's requirements, the GB Review Team will provide general advice to help you improve it.
The app will only be submitted to Apple when it fits their guidelines and standards.

When your app looks good enough to be submitted to Apple, the team will let you proceed to the next step.



Once the Review Team has accepted the review, you can pay the Review Fee.
If you haven't yet subscribed to a GoodBarber subscription plan, it will be required at this point.

1. For individual subscribers (per-app subscription basis) 

- The review fee is a one-time fee per project for Premium subscriptionswith a monthly payment
- The review fee is waived for Premium subscriptions with a yearly payment.

If you requested the review while still in Full plan, you will also have to upgrade to a Premium plan in order to be able to continue with the process: 
- If you have a Full subscription with a yearly payment : you pay the pro-rated amount until the end of the subscription period. The subscription renewal date remains unchanged. 
- If you have a Full subscription with a monthly payment : the new price for the Premium plan applies to your next invoice (=at the next scheduled payment date).​

2. For Resellers

The review fee is due individually for each project where the review is requested.
If you are a Reseller, the general subscription price doesn’t change when requesting a review. The review fee is charged per app and billed on the alpha project. 

Consult the pricing on   to see the review fee that applies to you. 


Test and publication of the iOS app

Test of the native iOS app

1. Create an Apple Developer Account , if you do not have one yet. (See this online help )
2. Fill out the Apple Account form.
3. Our team will verify if the owner of the account is the final owner of the app and/or the content (4.2.6 compliance ).
4. When the account is approved, we will create the certificates and compile your app. 
The team will inform you in the support when the app is being compiled. You will receive an email when your app is ready.
5. To test your app, follow the instructions to download the Ad Hoc file and test the iOS native app on your registered device(s).
6. Click on Continue when the app is ready to be submitted to Apple's App Store.


To edit the app before its submission to Apple: 

1. Click on the "Contact us" button. We will unlock the backend for you so you can make the necessary changes.
2. When you are done with your modifications, go to Publish > iOS App > Publish  and click on "Continue the review".
We will quickly review your app again (to make sure it is still compliant with Apple’s guidelines) and rebuild it for you.
3. When the app is built again, test it again!



Publication of the app

When your app is ready to be submitted to Apple, click on Continue.

We will take care of everything and inform you in the Support when the app has been submitted to Apple.
Apple usually takes about 3 business days to notify you about their decision.
They will send you an email at every step of their review process, so keep an eye on your mailbox in the meantime.



If Apple rejects the app

Apple will contact the owner of the Developer Account by email regarding the rejection.
Rejections are common on the first submission attempt, but our team is here to help you get your app eventually approved.

In case of a rejection, Contact our support team and provide the following elements:

- A copy of Apple's message in the support ticket
- The screenshot(s), crashlog(s) or any element Apple attached to their message
Our goal is to get your app on the store, and we will do all we can to make it happen.


After the initial publication

Updates of the app (after the initial publication) do not require a new review. 
We will take care of the submission process for you as long as you have submission credits (additional submission credits can also be purchased - $50 for 10 credits).

When you want to send an updated version  of your app to Apple:

  1. Request a new compilation
  2. Test your app
  3. Validate, so we receive the new submission request. 

When your iOS certificates expire, we also take care of their renewal  upon request, for no additional charge.
All you need to do is inform us they need to be renewed.