To publish your native app to the App Store and/or Google Play store, you must provide them with an active demo customer credentials to review your app.


Download My Goodbarber app

- Follow instructions given in this online help: Preview test - My GoodBarber app (Native plans only)
You can download either the Android or iOS version to create your demo account.


Launch your app native preview

- Login to My GoodBarber app
- Select your app
- Click "Test" menu on the bottom Tabbar
- Click "Native Preview "



Create a demo account

- Go to the profile section of your app
- Click "Not registered yet? Sign up"
- Fill in the email / password of your choice, make sure to save those credentials somewhere safe*.
For instance:
password: Review_team

- Accept the terms
- Click "Register"


- Click "My details"
- Fill in first and last name fields before saving your modifications.
For instance:
First name: Review
Last name: Team

- Click "My addresses"
- Add an address

*You'll be asked for those credentials during the submission process either by GoodBarber team if we're taking care of it for you (iOS / Android), or directly by the stores if you are in Solo mode.

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