An invoice is the detailed bill of the merchandise sold. In order to be considered valid,  the invoice must include a certain number of legal notices. 

Warning : ‚ÄčThese legal notices can differ depending on your country. Check with a professional to make sure you are compliant with your country's laws. 


Name and address of the company

In the menu Settings > Shop information , you will enter the name and address of your shop.

1. Enter the name of your shop in the "Legal name" box
This name will be used on your invoices.

2. Fill up the address of your shop in the fields " Address, City, Zip Code, Country ".
This address will be used on your invoices and to calculate the taxes

3. Click "Save"



Depending on your country you will need to provide additional legal notices.

They will appear in the Footer of your invoices. 

In the menu Settings > Shop information:  

1. Fill in the legal informations in the "Invoice Footer" field
2. Click "Save".


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