You can manage the following policies from your back office:

- Refund policy
- Privacy policy
- Terms and Conditions


Create your shop policies

Settings of the different policies of your shop:

1. In the menu Settings, click on "Checkout process "

2. Give a title to your policy

3. Write your policy in the dedicated field. 

Attention, these policies are quite important. We suggest to take your time and write them carefully. 



Display your shop policies

It is best to display your shop's policies on the main pages of the app. 
This is why they will be displayed by default in the Footer of your Home as well as in the main navigation menu.

Manage the shop policies in your Home:

1. Click "Home " on the left swipe menu : Content & Design > Design 
2Hover the relevant widget in the right side menu 
3. Click on the "Edit" button when it appears.

You can then edit the policies display name, background color, fonts and margins. 


To mange your shop policies in the Navigation menu

1. Click "Navigation Menu " in the left swipe menu: Content & Design > Design
2. Click the green "Edit" button under the corresponding template 
3. Organise the order of display as you wish 



If you wish you can also create your own "policy" sections instead of using the default display. 
If you choose to do so, refer to the following online help:
- To create sections: here 
- To manage the sections settings : here
- To manage the navigation menu : here
- To manage the Home: here

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