Number of recipients

In the menu Marketing > Push > Send, you can see the number of recipients who have agreed to receive your app push notifications.
They must accept push notifications from your app, and can remove this authorization at any time.

This number is updated every time you send a new push (regular or scheduled push).
Every user who have uninstalled your app or removed the push authorization will be removed from the recipients.

That's why you can have a difference in between the number of clients / leads / visitors and the number of push recipients.


Statistics of push sent

In the menu Marketing > Push > Push History, you can find the  list of all push sent.

If you click the charts in the column Stats, you access all statistics of that specific push.


You have on that page the performance of the notification push sent:

- Number of push sent
- Number of notifications opened
- Click Rate percentage and your expected rates based on previous notifications
- Number of openings depending on the hour

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