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iOS - Request the update of your iOS app

Modification that require an update on the App store:

1. Modification of the information shown on the App store page of your app:
- You want to modify the description, Privacy Policy URL, screenshots of your app, or any information shown on the App store page.

2. Some modification made from your back office on your native app:
- Only the modifications notified in the native engine changelog and concerning the iOS version require a new submission to Apple.
- The modifications notified in the settings changelog  can be applied directly from your back office to appear in the users' apps.

Please refer to this online help  to make sure whether an update on the store is necessary or not. 


Request the update of your app on App Store Connect

1. Go to the menu Sales Channel > iOS app > Publish  
2. When asked, provide the necessary information at each step until you get to a form

If required, provide the Bundle ID and the latest version number of your app published on the App Store.
The current Bundle ID is visible in Sales Channel > iOS app > Certificates


Update the app information form

1. If needed, edit the metadata of your application (name, description, keywords...) that will be displayed in the App Store
2. In the Updates field, specify what is included in this new version. This information will be shown to your users on the store.
3. Use the check boxes to let the submission team know what needs to be modified on the store.
If nothing has changed in the form and you only want to send a new binary (.ipa) file, check the box "don't change anything in the store".
4. When you are done, click on Next Step at the bottom of the form. 



Compilation of the new version

If the iOS Certificates are still valid, the compilation will start immediately after validating the form.

If the iOS Certificates are expired, validating the form will create a ticket in the Support to inform the team the certificates need to be renewed. 
The team will inform you in the Support when it's done, and compile the app for you.

You will receive an email when the app is ready. 


Test the latest iOS ad hoc version generated

Once the app is ready, follow the instructions to test the new version of your native iOS app on the registered device(s).



Modify or Submit your iOS App to the App store

- To edit your app, click on Modify my application.
When your changes are done, come back to this page and recompile your app to come back to the Ready page.

- To continue and request the submission of your app to Apple, click on Submit my app.
Clicking Submit my app will create a ticket in the Support to inform the team the app must be submitted to Apple.
The team will take care of the submission within 1 to 2 business days (the delay may vary depending on the total number of requests). 
The team will inform you in the Support when the app has been submitted to Apple.



After the submission

Apple usually takes about 3 business days to notify you about their decision.
They will send you an email at every step of their review process, so keep an eye on your mailbox in the meantime.

In case the app is rejected, Contact our support team  and provide the following elements:

- A copy of Apple's message in the support ticket
- The screenshot(s), crashlog(s) or any element Apple attached to their message
Our goal is to get your app on the store, and we will do all we can to make it happen.