Wether you choose to submit your application by yourself or GoodBarber to submit it for you, you will need to make sure it complies with Apple's rules and more precisely the App Store Review guidelines .

Here is a checklist of everything you should verify before submitting your app for Apple's review or applying for GoodBarber's review process.
This will help your app getting published faster on the App Store. 
For more information about the IOS review process please read this Online Help .


App content and design

Warning: An incomplete application will be automatically rejected by Apple.

When you apply for GoodBarber's or Apple's review, the app must be finalized as if it was ready to be distributed to your final users:
No empty section or category.

No demo content.
No placeholder text.
No mentions of "Test", "demo" or any label indicating a work in progress anywhere in the app.

Pay special attention to the following elements: 
-There must be no mentions of Google/Android or other competitors of Apple, including pictures of devices belonging to other brands and redirections to their websites.

- There must be enough products with complete description, prices and images in your app.

- Internal and external linksAll the link of the app must be working, dead links are rejection motive. Make sure none of your links give an error. 
To open a link out of the app, use a Click-To section and add "? GbOpenExternal = 1" at the end of the URL, like so: "https://www.yoururl.com?gbOpenExternal=1" 
For more information about opening links in an external browser, refer to this Online Help .

- Back arrow: The back arrow must be clearly visible or Apple's review team may think there is a bug.
Make sure to use a color that contrasts with the background color for your back arrow. 
Check the color and/or shape of your arrow from Content & Design > General Design > Logo & Title : activate the Advanced tab and scroll down to the back button settings


-In the menu Settings > Shop information :

1/  Client's email:
Don't use a GmailYahoo or Hotmail contact email address.

Automatic emails sent from these addresses are often blocked. Some automatic emails may not be correctly received by all your users.

2/ Mandatory fields:
Fill all the mandatory fields. 

-In the menu Settings > Payment

Make sure to have at least 1 live payment system set. 

Warning: If you use PayPal, we advise you to set an additional payment system to avoid a possible rejection from Apple.

You can find more information about payments in this Online Help

-In the menu Settings > Check out process
Set up your texts for the Terms and conditions, Privacy policy and Refund policy


"GoodBarber takes care" information form

When GoodBarber takes care of the publication for you, you are required to fill a form with all the information about your app. 
Pay a particular attention to the elements listed in the following online help: iOS - Review and publication of a new iOS app by GoodBarber
After the brief has been submitted, a ticket will be generated in the Support .
A dialogue box will also be opened in the Sales channels > iOS App > Publish  menu.
The Review Team will contact you within 1 business day in the support ticket to tell you if adjustments need to be made in your app to improve its compliance with Apple's guidelines. 

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