With GoodBarber, you can quickly and easily activate two payment gateways to allow your clients to safely purchase in your shop:
1. Fill in the shop informations . Refer to this online help  for more details.
2. Go to the menu Settings > Payment  

Payment gateways are third-party payment service providers. They can therefore charge additional fees and apply certain restrictions on products sold through their services. We advise you to carefully read their conditions of use.

The activable payment gateways are:

- Stripe
This gateway will allow you to manage payments by credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
Consult our help dedicated to the setting of Stripe by clicking here .

- PayPal
Enabling PayPal will allow you to receive your payments faster.
Consult our help to set up PayPal by clicking here .

- Mercado Pago
Mercado Pago is a payment gateway widely used in Latin America

Note that the security of your transactions will also be assured by the gateways themselves.

- Offline Payments
You can let customers pay outside of the app. To do so, turn on the add-on "Offline Payments".
This add-on is very useful to get paid in cash for instance.
More info in this online help .

- Quick testing gateway
If you wish to test the entire ordering process of your shop beforesetting up Stripe or PayPal, you can set up Quick testing gateway.
This allows you to test the entire checkout process.
Consult our help to set up the Quick testing gateway by clicking here .

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