How to create articles

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial

Today we're going to talk about a major section of your app: the Articles section.
It is present in almost all apps because it allows you to display written content. 

It should not be seen only as a way to create a blog or a journal. It can also be used to present the services of your local business, present your school's courses... In short, if you want to write things for your users, this is the section for you! 

To create it, as usual, go to the menu My app > Content > Sections.
Add a section.

I’ll choose Blog, which corresponds to the CMS Article section of GoodBarber. Meaning that you create your articles there directly.

Here I name my section and add it.

Once done, we’ll create our articles.
Either by editing the content of the section here.


Either by going to the menu My app > Content > Add.

I'm in the creation page of my article.

I enter my title.

Then my content.

In addition to the text I can add various elements:

- Photos
- Videos 
- Quote
- Embed code.

Here I only need pictures and text.

Once my article has been written, I select the section and/or category to which it belongs. It can belong to several sections or categories at the same time. 

Then the author.
The date of publication.

I can also pin this article at the top of my article list.

The thumbnail is automatically generated from my image, but I can also change it.

The summary is displayed on some list templates, but I don't want it in mine, so I leave it empty.

Enable or not of the comments.


We'll quickly edit the SEO part with the given metas and the URL of my article.

I now have several options for the publication of my article: Published, SAVE as draft, Not published, Delay. 

I will publish right away.

Now let's move on to the design. Very quickly because I've already explained how it works in the dedicated video (in the info bar as always ;) )


Now you know how to use a Blog section and how to design it! 

See you soon for another tutorial ! 

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