How to manage comments

Hello and Welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial! 

Today we're going to talk about a very important feature for your content app: comment management.

You can give your users the possibility to comment on your content in certain sections of your app: articles, photos, audio, video, favorites.

Nothing more easy than activate content

Go to My app > Content > Sections.

open the settings menu of the chosen section 

Here I just need to activate the Comments option.

I can use the internal GoodBarber comments or activate the Disqus comments.

I choose the first option.

Voila! already done! 

Let's talk design now.

go to the menu My app > Design > Design section.
and select the section we're working on.

Then on the Comments icon.

Here I find my customization options.

That's it :)

To display the comments option. Still in the design menu of the section. 
I now click on the detail page of the articles.

In the menu on the right, I activate the comments in the ToolBar.

You can manage your comments in the menu My app > Content > Comments > List.

Here you will find all the comments of your app and the info about them.

You can change the status of a comment by clicking here.

You can also filter your comments by section here.

The Settings tab allows you to manage the moderator's email. This is the person who will receive notifications of each new comment.

And choose the moderation options. 

Immediate publication or pending 

And the activation of the moderation.

Iet’s update. And that's it! 

My users can now comment on my content! 
It's your turn! 

See you soon for another new tutorial! 

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