Add a blog to your shop

Why create a blog ?

Build loyalty and boost your sales.

The Blog allows you to showcase your products and organize a Story Telling around your shop . You can then keep in touch with your clients and your conversion rate by showing your expertise in you sector of activity, while promoting your products.

How does it work ?

Create your content from a dedicated menu

The Content menu, displayed after the activation of the add-on, is specifically designed to manage your blog. Within a single section, organise your content in different categories. You can delay the publication of an article, by selecting ahead of time the time and date of its publication.

36 alternatives to showcase your posts.

9 list templates, 4 article templates

Thanks to its advanced features, the Blog allows you to display your message under different formats. Select how to display the list of your posts amongst 9 templates, and the article itself amongst 4 templates.

Improve the indexation of your shop (PWA)

Be more visible on the search engines

By creating blog content around your products, you increase your chances to be more visible on search engines. The HTML code of your Progressive Web App has been designed for optimal indexing in search engines. You also have maximum flexibility to manage the display of meta-information on your content pages.