Publish your Beautiful App today!

Written by on Tuesday, December 27th 2016

Publish your Beautiful App today!
The time has come to publish your Beautiful App on the stores. As you can see, in your GoodBarber back office, you have two options to choose from, either to do it yourself or to let the GoodBarber Takes Care team take over and manage the submission process for you, using your credentials, so that you will appear, in any case, as the developer / seller of your app on the stores.

Now, if you’ve decided to submit your app to the stores by yourself, chances are you’re already familiar with the first part of the submission process, how to build your app.

This is a very important step which lets you test your app in the same version as the one which will be released on the stores (the Ad Hoc version for iOS). If you’ve been using the My GoodBarber app for testing purposes, you might have realized that you cannot test push notifications for instance. Well, with the Ad Hoc version you can run thorough tests (including push notifications), just like with the Android version retrieved after your build is complete.

Besides, building your app is a mandatory step of the submission process. To guide you, in your back office, you will find dedicated online helps, for both the iOS and Android versions of your app. But you can also have a look at our two video tutorials, available for iOS here and for Android here.

For the second part of the submission process, the publication of your app on the App Store and / or Google Play, you need to be a GoodBarber subscribed user. If you haven’t yet chosen the right plan for your app, pick one now ;) Then, simply follow the dedicated online helps provided in your back office.

Our video tutorials are also a great starting point to walk you through the process:

For iOS

For Android

Last but not least, once your beautiful app has been published, you might be wondering when and how to commit an update. If you want to learn more about the difference between an update, the kind which can be performed right from the back office of your project, and the kind of update which requires submitting a new version of your app to the stores, you can have a look at this video:

Update or submit an update. What is the difference?

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