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Monetize the app with the GoodBarber AdServer (internal ads) | Progressive Web App

Activate the GoodBarber internal ad server

GoodBarber gives you the option to include internal advertising in your app. The internal ad server is the simplest way to promote your own application or to display a specific advertisement. 

To install the Internal ad server Add-On:
1. Go to the menu Add-ons > Catalogue  
2. Click the "More Info" button under Internal ad server
3. Click the "+ Add" green button.



Create a campaign for your PWA

1. Go to the menu Marketing > Monetization > Internal Ad network  
2. Click "+ Add an advertising campaign"
3. Name your campaign
4. Set your campaign rules:
Its duration: select a date for the beginning and the end of the campaign.
The number of impressions: Choose how often you want your ad to be shown.
The number of clicks: Your campaign will be shown as long as the selected number of clicks hasn't been reached.
5. Click "Add"



Add your ads

You can add several ads per campaign.

1. Name the advertising
2. Select if you want to display this ad on the home page or in the internal pages of your app
3. Select the format*
4. Add your ads image (see step 4 below for more details)
5. Select the link your users will be redirected to when tapping this ad:
- an external link: fill in the URL of the destination page.
- a deep link to a page within your app

*Format available:
Home page: Banner or rectangle
Internal page: Banner or Interstitial



Ads sizes

Follow the recommended sizes below when uploading your ads images.

Home page
Banner: 1456 x 180 px
Rectangle: 672 x 560 px

Internal Pages
Banner: 1456 x 180 px
Interstitial: 1200 x 1200 px


Manage your campaigns

1. Go to the menu Marketing > Monetization > Internal Ad network   
2. Activate, deactivate or delete a campaign



Set your ads strategy

Please refer to this online help for more details: Manage the ad strategies - campaigns and ad networks priorities | PWA

- To display ads on the home page of your app, make sure you've also added a widget Advertising   on your home page and set the right campaign in that widget.
- Banners will be displayed automatically once you've followed the steps above and updated your app (see steps below).


Update your app

1. Go to the menu Publish > PWA > Update  
2. Click the green button "Update" in order for the configuration to be implemented in your apps. 


Video tutorial