Collections are essential elements in the development of your shop. Any product that is not part of a collection will only be accessible through its deep url. It is strongly recommended that a product always be linked to at least one collection.

With your collections you will be able to organise your shop. 
A collection makes it possible to group the products of a same family within one and the same list.
Collections can also be used to promote seasonal products or sale products in addition to your permanent products.

Your shop may therefore contain permanent collections and other temporary that you create for special occasions.

From a user's point of view, having collections will greatly facilitate searches in your shop.

To know everything about the collections, consult our dedicated online help:

- Create a collection
- Add products to a collection
- Add a product to a collection from a product page
- Remove products from a collection
- Remove a collection
- Change the name of a collection
- Change the order of products in a collection
- Add a collection to the menu

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