Once you have created a collection, you can now start adding the products relevant to this collection. 

Two options are available:
1. Add an existing product to a collection
2. Create a new product directly in a collection.

Note: a product can be added to multiple collections. For exemple, in your clothing  online shop a Jacket can be in the Women Collection, Outwear Collection and New Fall collection. 


Add an existing product

1. From the left side menu : Products > All products 
2.  Click on the product you would like to assign to a collection. 

This will open the product page. 
On the right side menu: Edit Product > Info > Collection you will select the collection you wish to add this product too. 

3. Save your modifications by clicking the green "Publish" button



Add a new product

1. From the left menu: Content & Design > Content > Content , Click on Sections  
2. From the right side menu that has appeared, hover the collection to which you want to add product and click on "edit the content"
3. Click on "Create a product ". 

This will open the new product page.
You need to fill in the details regarding this product. 
To find out how to fill up this page, please refer to this online help

To save your modifications, click on the green "Publish" button.




Video tutorial

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