All your products must be associated with at least one collection.
One of the first steps will therefore be to create one or more collections within your shop.
Here is the procedure to follow:

1. Click on "Collections ", in your Product menu
2. Click on the green "Create a collection" button

In the window that has just opened, fill in all the requested elements.



The name of collection

Fill in the name of your collection in the space provided.
Note: It cannot exceed 32 characters.



The order of your products

You can define the order in which your products appear in your collection. 
Here are the sorting options: 
- Most recent: displays your products by creation date, from the most recent to the oldest
- Oldest: displays your products by creation date, from the oldest to the most recent
- Price Low - High: displays your products in order of price, from the cheapest to the most expensive
- Price High - Low: displays your products in order of price, from the most expensive to the least expensive
- Product titles from A-Z: displays your products in ascending alphabetical order
- Product titles from Z-A: displays your products in descending alphabetical order
- Manual: you choose from the place of each product



The image of your collection

You have the possibility to add an image to your collection.
Simply click on "Browse" to choose an image from your computer or on "Library" to access Free stock images. 



Publication in the menu

If you want your collection to be visible in your menu, activate "Display in menu".
Then choose the location of the collection in the box below.


Finally save your collection by clicking on the green button at the bottom right "Add this collection".



Video tutorial

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