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iOS - Update a published app created outside GoodBarber

Get started with iOS submission process

If you have created an app with another service and the app has already been published on the App Store, you can update the existing app using the app created with GoodBarber. 

The existing app will be replaced on the store with this new version, and your users will download this new GoodBarber app as an update of the app that's already installed on their device.

To update an existing iOS app, follow these steps: 

1. Go to the menu Sales channels> iOS App > Publish  

Note: You will only be able to access the iOS submission process​ after completing the mandatory requirements.
If the mandatory steps are not completed yet, the list of items to complete will be displayed in this tab.
Complete them to be allowed to continue.

2. Click on the green "Get started with the iOS review process" button.​
3. Click on the green "I want to publish my app in the App Store" button.
4. Click on the second choice "Update"



Verifications of the account and app's status

1. Provide the following information so the GoodBarber team can verify your app:
Bundle ID and version number of the existing app  (read this online help)   
Developer ID (Apple ID) and password to access the Apple Developer account where the existing app is published. 
- Optional : the store URL (only if the app is currently live on the store)

2. Submit the form: a ticket is generated in the support.

The team will verify the accuracy of the information and the compliance of the app with Apple's current standards:
- The bundle ID and version number provided in the form must match those of the app that's already published in the App Store. 
- The developer account must belong to the individual/ company/ administration who owns the app/owns the content of the app.  



Retrieve the existing bundle ID

1. Log in to your App Store Connect account .
2. Follow the instructions of this online help   .
WARNING: The App ID associated to the Mobile Provision files must be the same as the Bundle ID provided in the form at the beginning of the process. 
If they don't match, the system won't let you finish the process and you will be required to contact the Support.


Generate (build) the iOS app

After you're allowed to continue, you can start the compilation / generation process of the app. 

At the end of this process, you will be able to test the ad hoc version of the app - the exact copy of the app you will send to the store.
You have the possibility to do this process yourself (Solo) or have GoodBarber to do it for you by choosing the GB takes care service


If you let GoodBarber do it:
1. Follow the steps in the backend until you are required to fill in a form.
2. Validate the form, then our team will take over.
3. You will be warned through the support when the app can be tested
More information about the "GoodBarber takes care" service in this online help .

If you do it Solo, here is a quick overview of what you'll have to do at each step of the process: 

Step 1: Developer Account 

Choose whether you will create a new Distribution Certificate, or use an existing one / a p12 file.


Whenever possible, we recommend reusing an existing certificate or a p12 file. 

You can select a certificate from the dropdown list in the backend if all the following requirements are met:

- You have already compiled another app with GoodBarber
- You are using the same account ID for the existing app and this one
- Both apps will be published on the same Apple Developer account
- The existing distribution certificate is still valid in the Apple Developer account and hasn't been revoked

Only if ALL the above requirements are met:
1. Select I want to use an existing distribution certificate.
A dropdown menu will show you existing distribution certificates used in your other apps. 
2. Choose the other app from the list that's already using this certificate.
Note: If you're an expert, you can also import a .p12 file. The associated password of this p12 file must be "duoapps".


Step 2: Distribution Certificate

If you selected the option to create a new certificate, follow the instructions and upload it in the backend.
If you chose to use an existing one, you can move on to step 3. 

Step 3: Push Certificate

Follow the instructions to associate a new push certificate to your existing App ID and upload it in the backend.

Warning: Be very careful! If you choose the wrong App ID to create your push certificate in the Apple Developer account, the push notifications won’t work in your app! 

Step 4: App Store Mobile Provision

The App Store mobile provision file is a certificate authenticating your application on your behalf on the App Store.
Select the Distribution Certificate that was used at step 1 and the App ID of your existing app. 

WARNING: Be very careful at this step. If you select the wrong App ID to generate your App Store Mobile Provision, you won't be able to continue the process.The system will detect the App ID is different from the Bundle ID you provided for the verification.

Step 5: Mobile Provision Ad Hoc

The Ad Hoc mobile provision file will allow you to install the Ad Hoc version of your app on the registered device(s), in order to test all are native features (like the push notifications for example). 
The Ad Hoc version of the app is its exact copy of the app you will, later on, submit to the store.

To create it, select the Distribution Certificate that was used at step1, the App ID of your existing app and the device(s) registered in your Apple Developer account. 

WarningBe very careful at this step. If you select the wrong App ID to generate your Mobile Provision Ad Hoc, you won't be able to continue the process.


Build your app

If you did all correctly until now, this screen should appear, and allow you to build the app. 
Click on the green button, and wait for your app to be generated. It can take several minutes.



Test your app

Once is generated you will be able to test the Ad-Hoc version of your iOS app.
Follow this online help  about how to test your Ad-Hoc version.
Click on Test my application and follow the instructions to test the app on your device. 

To edit your app, click "Modify my application". You will see the previous screen (Ninja) again.
After your modifications, come back to this page and click "Build my app" to come back to the Test screen.
To submit your app if you are satisfied, click "Submit my application". 



Subscription / Adjustment to the iOS Premium plan

At this step, you will be asked to pay for the iOS Premium plan before this app can be submitted to the store. 

- If you are currently in test = iOS Premium price
- If currently in Android Full plan yearly = prorated amount until the end of subscription period 
- If currently in Android Full plan monthly = will be charged the iOS Premium Monthly plan starting next due date

1. Enter your bank information
2. Click on "Pay now" to pay the invoice.


Submit your app

You will go back to the Test page, click on "Submit my application" again.
A warning message appears to inform  you  the changes you make into your app won't be published until your app is available on the store.
If you are ready to submit your app, click on "Yes, submit to the store!"



Submission in App Store

You land on a page called "Submission in App Store".  From there:
1 - Download the .ipa file
2 - Click on "Next step".
3 - Follow this online help  to update your app on App Store Connect.



After the publication

When your update is available on the store, your backend will be unlocked. 

If your app is Ready for sale, but the backend has not yet changed its publication status, you have the possibility to change it manually.

  • Go to the menu Sales Channels > iOS App > Publish
  • Click on the lower right corner blue button "Unlock your backend".