Driven by design

Create your app Free 30-day trial with friendly support. No credit card required.Full access. No commitment

Intuitive yet powerful

Create your app Free 30-day trial with friendly support. No credit card required.Full access. No commitment

Advanced publication platform

Create your app Free 30-day trial with friendly support. No credit card required.Full access. No commitment

Beyond publication

Create your app Free 30-day trial with friendly support. No credit card required.Full access. No commitment

50+ beautiful inspirations

Sometimes, being inspired is all you need to express your talent

Adaptive design meets native apps

Tailored display according to the device

Check the tablet adaptive design in the preview

Everyone has his own special style

Be inspired by our browsing mode to surf on your app

Little swipe

Small width
Big icons


Light and


It's a safe value

Large Typo

Loud and


Rectangle 4x2
Square 2x2 or 3x3


(you're beautiful)



Classic TabBar


Best user experience guaranteed

Whatever your content, it will be displayed perfectly on mobile

Down to the last detail

Shape your app to perfection

Professional photos for your beautiful app

Free access to Unsplash awesome library

Clutter free workspace

Get the controls you want, just when you want them

Updates on the go

Apply modifications to your published app with a single click

1 Modify your app
2 Publish your modifications
3 Enjoy the result

Comprehensive statistics

Identify trends to increase engagement with your app

External tools

Plug your account to Google Analytics or Flurry and get even more data. Use those external tools to get a complementary view of what's going on your app.

Extensibility through coding

Developer-restricted area :-)

Help available anytime

The ones who develop the product are the ones you talk to

Contact the support team anytime

The ones who develop the product are the ones who you talk to. We love to have a direct contact with our users. It helps us to be faster and improve GoodBarber thanks to the great feedback you give us.

Built-in CMS

Create and manage content from the backend

Plug your world

Synchronize your existing content with your app

Connect external services

WordPress, TypePad, Instagram, WMaker, SoundCloud, Google Calendar, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter… Your entire web presence can be pooled in one app. Just connect the service you already use and GoodBarber will synchronize your content in a Beautiful App. GoodBarber provides the most comprehensive list of third party services available for your app. All services

Stay clear and simple

Organize your app and make it sound like you. Several sections can be added, ranging from videos, photos and sounds all the way to live radio, live video, events, and more. Sections have their own template, optimized for the content they're designed for, to keep things clear and simple. You'll feel at home the first time you use them.

A Plugin just for WordPress

You love WordPress, and so do we. Install GoodBarber’s plugin for WordPress and get the most out of your WP site in your Beautiful App. Search engine, filters by category, popular articles, comments... and all the features you need to fall in love with your Beautiful App.

Maximum discoverability

Make access to content smart and enjoyable


Connecting a service doesn’t mean you need to display all of it's content in your app. You can set up filters to choose what you want to show in your Beautiful App.

Search engine

Our integration with your favorite third party services makes it possible to search in your app…


…and stumble upon a wonderful piece you wrote years ago, long before smartphones and native apps were created… :)

Team management

Get people on board to put content in your app

User authentication

In-app login to tailor the access to your app

Push notifications

The right notification pushed to the right user

Advanced settings for notifications

Have you ever wanted to send unique, actionable and visible push notifications? Dive into GoodBarber's advanced settings and craft the perfect message. Choose an original ringtone, and let everyone know this push is from you. Insert a link and redirect them to the desired landing page when they open the notification. If you want, you can display a badge above your icon on the springboard each time a notification is received.

Automatic push notifications

You can automatically deliver push notifications to your users. If you don’t have the time to send a notification after writing the latest article on your blog, turn on automatic notifications to trigger one as soon as your article is online. Make automatic notifications recognizable by adding a prefix to your messages in order to keep your audience informed.

Engage the conversation

You can now mingle with your users

User Generated Content

Convert your readers into contributors. Let them submit articles, photos and videos. It's up to you to decide, but you can be sure they’ll love it.

Sharing and mailing

Users can share your content by email or in social networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr: just one click to let everyone know!


Never miss an opportunity to get feedback about what you post. The conversation can be picked up straight right from the app.

Identify trends

And discover who is your biggest fan

Becoming too famous?

Time to get a reward

External ad networks

Plug your favorite ad network into your app, and let their servers do the job. GoodBarber integrates the SDKs of the following networks: Admob, MobPartner, Swelen. Splashscreens, banners in lists and article views will flourish.

Internal ad network

Manage your own splashscreens and banners. Create campaigns and set your desired capping: date range, impressions, clicks… Campaigns can target either both iOS and Android, or just one platform at a time.


Optimize ad delivery in your Beautiful App by defining priorities among your services so you can always display an ad. Decide which service should be displayed first. If the first ad server doesn’t provide an ad, GoodBarber automatically switches to the next one.