How to add a favorite section

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial!
Today we’ll learn how to add a Favorites section to your app.

It allows your readers to bookmark content from other sections of your app. 

Favourites can be chosen from several types of sections: Articles, Videos, Photos and Podcasts. 

When one of your readers bookmarks content, they will be able to find it in their Favorites section even when the content is no longer present on their home page.

Please note that you can only add one Favorites section in your app! 

Let's add it from the menu My app > content > Sections.

I click on Add a section.

Select Favorites.

I name my section as usual and I add ! 

I quickly modify the design, as usual.

And here is my section added! 

I show you what it looks like on the user side.

Let’s add some content in favorites.

Then find it in my Favorites section.

That's it! You now know how to add a Favorites section to your app.

See you soon for a new tutorial ! 

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