How to add videos in your app

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial! 

Today we will learn how to add a videos section to your app.

Let's add our section in the menu My app > Content > Sections.

I click on Add a section. 

Ans select WebTV.

I name my section and add it.

Now let's edit the content.

I will add my first one by clicking here.

We’re in the editing page of my video.

I give it a title.

For the video itself, I can or upload my video or add an embed code

I will upload my video.
I can now add additional content to my video: as usual text, images etc

On the right side of the screen, if I have several video sections, I can choose the section in which this video will appear.

I can change the author, 

the date of publication, 

And a thumbnail and a description

And enable or disable comments.

We still have to fill in our metadata from the SEO tab.


Now I just have to publish ! 

As for the other sections I ‘ll quickly set up the design.

The video list

and the details page.

That's it! I'll show you the result...

You now know how to play audio files in your app !

See you soon for a new tutorial ! 

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