In-store pickup

From App to Store: Your clients place their order from your app and come to your shop to pick it up

Boost your sales and customer satisfaction by driving in-store foot traffic

Offer your clients a convenient pickup option

Save time and money for your clients by offering in-store pickup. A great way to improve client satisfaction while boosting your sales

Lower your Shipping costs

Lower your packaging and shipping cost by offering in store pick up.

Shipping orders to your clients can be expensive with labor and packaging costs quickly adding up. Cut these costs by offering in-store pickup.

Activate the add-on "In-store pickup"

In your back office, from the menu Settings > Shipping zones, you will be able to configure the conditions of the In-store pickup. Orders picked up in-store can be identified in your order history, thanks to the Shop icon. Your clients will be able to follow their orders from their account > My orders.