Reseller offer FAQs

Written by on Friday, July 4th 2014

The Reseller program is for those who want to use GoodBarber to create apps for their clients. If you are considering selling an app for the first time, read on to learn more about our program for agencies.

What are the benefits?

Our Reseller program enables everyone who wants to enter the business of mobile applications to quickly and easily create Beautiful Apps for their clients.

The new program includes a Reseller dashboard to manage and monitor all of your clients' projects. All of the apps as well as the back office are White Label, and the back office can be customized by inserting your logos, social media accounts, your news feed, and you can install a domain on it.

Another benefit is the customizable customer access—you have the freedom to decide which parts of the management interface should be accessible to your clients. For instance, you can let them send notifications (push notifications are Unlimited with your Reseller subscription), handle content creation with the CMS, but lock all design screens. 

Last but not least, our dedicated support will give you fast and accurate answers for every ticket you open. Whatever the question, our experts have the solution.

How much does it cost to become a Reseller?

The reseller program is available for $240/month (or $2400/year).

There is no extra fee to apply.

Are there any extra costs?

Any extra costs you may incur are optional, and could be among the following :

- Your developer accounts. If you plan to publish your apps, you must have your own developer accounts so that the app appears under your name in the stores. Alternatively, if your client has a developer account, you are free to use that. An Apple developer account costs $99/year and a Google Play developer account costs $25, paid one time.
- Paid add-ons, such as the Loyalty Card, Club Card, Coupon feature, or Live+ section. Add-Ons can be purchased on a per app basis or through our Unlimited Add-Ons offer, starting at $80/month.
- Extra Geofences. Each app comes with 6 free geofence usages. The cost of supplemental geofences is $6/month for an extra 25.
- Extra Beacons. Each app comes with 6 free beacon usages (you still have to purchase the actual beacon device from an external provider). If you need more, you can purchase additional ones also at the cost of $12/month per extra 25.
- A cloning tool that can be opened in your reseller dashboard upon request, allowing you to duplicate applications.
- Any custom developments made for you by our GB Services team.  

Can I move my app(s) currently based on another platform to GoodBarber?

Yes, as long as you have the necessary information, switching app builders can be easy. However, if moving an iOS application from one platform to another is not a problem, Android apps require something that certain app builders do not release: the Keystore. In order to maintain your app on Google Play without losing any users, you will need provide the Keystore file (if you are using another app builder you will probably have to contact them directly for this). 

What else can GoodBarber do to help my business grow?

We've put together a comprehensive guide on how to get started in the app‬ industry. Our Agency Guide is a useful resource for new agencies and established ones alike. You can read it all or takes bits and pieces, it's yours for free. Get your own copy below and discover the next steps you should take to meet the ever growing demand for mobile apps, with success:

How do I enroll?

To become a Reseller you just need a free trial project, which you can easily create from this page

Once you've created your project, you will need to fill out a form from your back office, accessible from Add-ons > Services > Reseller, where you will be asked to provide the following information:

- Agency name
- Alpha Project
- Billing preference (monthly or yearly)

Your alpha project is the only one that will not be White Label, so you should only use it for billing purposes or to create an app for yourself. As far as pricing goes, if you are starting out, you might find some useful guidelines inside our agency pricing strategies blog post.

Further information

If you need further information, you can read the FAQ section on the Reseller page . If you're ready, get started below:


Hello @Melissa. If you are currently using the URL for your website, we recommend using a different domain or subdomain for back office usage. There is an online help dedicated to setting up a domain name in your back office which should answer all your questions. Have a nice day!
Hi there
If I proceed with changing the below, will my website be overridden with my goodbarber dashboard?

To give access to the back office from this address:, you must install your domain on our servers. To do this, specify the following values in your registrar:
Hi Melissa, yes you can move individual subscriptions into a reseller account at any time.
Can I move apps made on individual subscriptions to the reseller subscription?
Hi Laura, you (or your client) always have the option to rebuild your app elsewhere while still maintaining it as the same app in the stores and with the same users, if you no longer wish to work with us.
Here is more info on that :

If you are referring to handing the complete code over, for the moment this isn't possible. However, GoodBarber Open Product is on its way and will provide source code access.
Hi, I'm just wondering if ,as a reseller, it's possible to hand over all the app in it's entirety to a client, as in they take complete ownership and control and you are no longer involved?

I saw somewhere that they would have to create their own account here to do that but just wondering if it's possible to then pass over the app entirely to them if you're using the reseller facility rather than a one off account?
Once you have signed up for the reseller plan, you will send your client an invitation email to give them access to the back office of their app. Here they will create login credentials, and be able to go in and help with the building process, send push notifications, view statistics about their users, etc.

It's up to you to decide which sections of the back office you want them to see and which you want to restrict. We have suggestions as to which sections you should give them access to, but you have total freedom to customize each client's access rights as you want.
Hello on your reseller platforms that is white label.

1. When a client signup is it autmatically setup for that client to get access to buidling the app.?

2. Does the white label control panel, a cleitn will have all of the features to build, change and edit their app?


Hi Alejandro, payment between you and your clients is done externally to the GoodBarber platform, for now we don't provide any type of payment gateway for this purpose.
A QUESTION Ali , When I become dealer, How is managed the issue of payment with my clients ? Do they have to pay something extra in a special portal or who will take care of that? How it works that part? I not found information on your site.
Una pregunta Ali, cuando me vuelva reseller ¿cómo se gestiona el tema de la cobranza con mis clientes? ¿Ellos tienen que pagar algo adicional en un portal especial o eso queda a nuestro cargo? ¿Cómo funciona esa parte? No he encontrado esa info en su sitio.
Hi Nikos, we don't have a white label previewer but we do have a work around solution you can use to show clients the preview version of their app without any GB branding, which is that you can send them the AdHoc files for them to download onto their devices and test.
Is there any white label live app previewer?
Hi Robert, for now there is just one reseller offer, which is the $200/month for unlimited apps. You can test it out for free by creating an account from here: and then filling out the reseller form in your back office from Add-ons > Services > Reseller.
let meknow what are the different program and how do we get in?
Do you have phone support if so could you call me at 5614602001